Introducing The Latest in Risk & Claims Software
The ClearSight Spring 2017 Release

ClearSight, the worlds’ #1 risk, safety, and claims software, is pleased to announce its latest release. The Spring 2017 Release introduces new capabilities to provide clients a more holistic and complete understanding of their risk with new data visualizations, analytics, and better workflow tools.

Discover New Insights into Exposures
Exposure Analytics allows users to interact and analyze their exposure data in new ways to help uncover important trends and insights. Risk Managers can browse and analyze exposure data by location, values collection, and COPE (Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure) fields. With these new insights, users can analyze their risk portfolios and make more informed decisions about their risk management programs.

Streamline the Values Collection Process
The new Values Administration app automates virtually every step of the exposure management process so users can spend less time gathering information and more time analyzing it. Our new Values Administration app:

  • Captures data in a consistent format on user-friendly screens to make collection easy and accurate.
  • Facilitates the management of questions and categories including ability to easily update questions/categories and change the order of the collection in future periods where changes are needed.
  • Tracks in real time what values have been submitted.
  • Seamlessly delivers emails for each stage of the collection process to ensure values are collected accurately and on time.

Track and Monitor Certificates of Insurance
The new Certificate of Insurance app provides tools for tracking, storing, and managing incoming property and liability certificates of insurance (COI) and verifying those certificates meet insurance requirements. These capabilities help users improve productivity, reduce exposure from contractors, tenants, suppliers, and other business partners, and improve insight into when COIs are expiring or out of compliance.

Better Understand How Claims Relate
The Claims Administration app adds new capabilities to make the job of claims professionals easier, faster, and more effective. In the Spring 2017 release, users can tie multiple occurrences together as a parent occurrence. This allows users to manage and report on claims associated with a single occurrence, and manage and report on occurrences associated with a parent occurrence. Included within this capability is the ability to handle financials at the occurrence level and view a historical timeline of all notes, tasks, emails and attachments that have been created or modified on the occurrence and its associated claims.

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