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Root Cause Analysis


An app that can help uncover the real cause of an incident or claim to prevent future problems

Are you able to permanently fix what’s causing your high-volume incidents?

The odds of finding a permanent solution to high-volume incidents or high-dollar claims are stacked against you if all you’re working with is a fragmented, paper-based system. And if you don’t get down to the bottom of an issue, you’re probably in for more claims filed, higher costs for the company – and bigger headaches for you.

Solve the Problem at the Source

The Riskonnect Root Cause Analysis app provides a systematic process for determining the cause of incidents and claims so you can understand the problem, address the issues, and prevent future risks.

Streamlined process.

  • Applies a standardized, data-driven process to the analysis for consistent results.
  • Seamlessly integrates claim, incident, occurrence, and cause data for a singular view into events.
  • Creates a record, assigns responsibility, and sets due dates for the analysis once a claim or incident is reported.
  • Starts the analysis immediately after an incident while the event is still fresh.

Deeper answers.

  • Includes built-in collaboration tools to communicate with other departments and stakeholders about the analysis.
  • Organizes every analysis into one of four categories – open, in progress, in review, and completed – and can further sort by coverage, cause, or location.
  • Uses a fishbone diagram to explore the cause/effect relationships between the incident and various factors.

Lasting solutions.

  • Uncovers trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • Displays a breakdown of all causes, which can be sorted by coverage, cause, or location – or whether the cause is primary, secondary, or tertiary.
  • Leads you to the source of the problem so corrective actions can be taken, which should increase safety, reduce future incidents, and ultimately lower your total cost of risk.

Looking for a permanent fix to costly problems?

Get the what, why, where, when, and how of Root Cause Analysis with our complete RCA guide to help you start digging for deeper answers to get better results.