Risk Identification

Do you need to identify and analyze your organizational-level risks?
Do you understand how your risks interrelate to each other?
Have you identified your insurable and non-insurable risks?

Take the important first step to identify all of your risks and understand how they relate.

How we help.

Once risks are identified, organizations need to quantify and prioritize those risks being retained in order to prevent or mitigate their severity.


Streamline Process

Administer, track, and automate every step of the values collection process.


Improve Identification

Connect and analyze insurable and non-insurable risk across the entire organization.


Better Decision Making

Leverage your loss history with Marsh’s global aggregated data for a better understanding of your risk profile.

How it works.

Easily consolidate and streamline your risk identification process.

Understand what your risks are and how they interrelate to each other.

Analyze industry-specific insurable and non-insurable risks and how insurance help mitigate them.

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Which solution is right for you?

Identifying trends and underlying issues is the key to mitigating your risk. ClearSight provides a flexible solution to make your company safer and more productive.


  • Communicate expectations to field users and receive process buy-in
  • Collect accurate structured data in a timely fashion
  • Manage your assets in a single tool and aggregate values from multiple sources and/or spreadsheets




  • Communicate expectations to executive users to receive process buy-in and show process value
  • Collect and organize unstructured data, including identifying similar risks across business units
  • Analyze and anticipate up and downstream implications of given events



Plus PRO

  • Respond to greater scrutiny by internal and external oversight groups
  • Demonstrate corporate controls in relation to precedent or industry peers
  • Avoid surprises by identifying new or unplanned risks as early as possible


Apps Within The Risk Identification Solution


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Are you up to date on emerging risk? Understand the latest risk challenges in these three key areas:

  • Cyber risk
  • Life, health, and longevity risk
  • Casualty catastrophe reserving

Examine where risks continue to emerge or, perhaps more importantly, contain elements where the risks are unknown at this time. Download now>


Simplified Cyber Risk Management Framework A number of cyber risk issues that have emerge or will continue in 2015 and beyond, include:

  • More destructive attacks.
  • Improvements in counter-forensics.
  • More reliance on the cloud.
  • Continued vigilance around cyber risks by boards of directors.

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