Return to Work


An app that helps you get ill or injured employees back to work quickly and safely

Do you have the insight needed to effectively manage your return-to-work cases?

Employees who can’t work because of illness or injury are a drain on productivity and morale. Paper-based forms or complicated systems make it difficult to track what’s happening or know what is reasonable for treatment and recovery time. And the longer an employee stays out, the more expensive it is.

Get Employees Back to Work Sooner – and Safer

The Riskonnect Return-to-Work app manages the complete return-to-work process using insights from Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) and extensive collaboration capabilities to get ill or injured employees back to work quickly and safely.

End-to-End Process.

  • Manages, monitors, and reports on return-to-work cases from one place.
  • Tracks all correspondence for each case.
  • Applies return-to-work policies and guidelines clearly and consistently.
  • Reduces the disability duration and claim costs.

Full-team collaboration.

  • Allows adjusters, medical case managers, risk managers, HR reps, and safety personnel to collaborate on the best way to get an employee back to work.
  • Shows collaborators only relevant information – not necessarily the entire claim record.
  • Identifies opportunities early in the process to modify an employee’s work environment, schedule, or duties.

Evidence-based decisions.

  • Incorporates data from ODG, which has more than 25 million records, for best-practice recommendations.
  • Provides pre- and post-treatment metrics to show cost savings.
  • Uses an early-warning model to help you identify high-severity claims.

Ready to see how Riskonnect can seamlessly manage your risk, safety, and claims?