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Software for decision-ready insights into your risk, safety, and claims data

Do you have the reports and analytics you need to manage risk strategically?

Standard reporting is perfect for quickly generating regular reports with basic information. But what happens if senior management requests something more complex? Pulling the right data from multiple sources, applying sophisticated analytics, and corralling it all into a report with the necessary insights can leave you scrambling to deliver the goods on time. And there goes your day.

Reporting and Analytics Designed for You

Riskonnect’s reporting and analytic capabilities combine powerful analytics with intuitive and flexible report design tools to help you make better decisions around your risk, safety, and claims data.

Faster reports.

  • Builds flexible reports around your needs, using data from claims, locations, incidents, values, policies, and more.
  • Uses common language, not technical jargon.
  • Presents findings in tables and charts using dynamic reporting capabilities.
  • Easily modifies report mechanics according to your requirements.

Deeper insights.

  • Performs self-service analysis on your data to discover trends and insights.
  • Provides natural interactive selection, filtering, and drill-down capabilities.
  • Combines intuitive drag-and-drop interface with powerful analytics for ad hoc queries.

Smarter decisions.

  • Performs comparative analysis, evaluates multiple prior valuations, and shows geospacial mapping.
  • Easily converts risk, safety, and claims data into meaningful, highly interactive charts and graphs.
  • Provides storyboards for collaboration and exports charts and graphs in a PowerPoint and PDF formats.

Riskonnect offers three levels of reporting capabilities:


Template-based Solution for Everyday Reporting

Business Intelligence

Self-Service Solution for Basic Ad Hoc Reports

Data Discovery

Interactive Solution to Discover Trends & Insights

  • A template-based solution for everyday reporting, from basic loss runs and ad hoc reports to more advanced triangles and multiple value comparisons
  • 100+ premade templates included
  • Table-based reporting (columns and rows) well suited for low-effort, high-consumption traditional list reports with basic aggregations
  • A self-service report-designer solution for basic ad hoc reports, as well as progressively more complex reports with strict formatting and calculation requirements
  • Presentation-ready reports include both tables and charts, minimizing the number of reports that need to be manually compiled and formatted
  • A visual and interactive solution to explore and discover trends and insights
  • Next-generation analytics leverage your business knowledge to discover, analyze, and tell your story
  • Interactive charts and tables with natural selection and data filters answer multiple business questions in quick succession, allowing you to choose your own path to discovery, instead of being confined to a predesigned template

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