Productivity a Core Element of new ClearSight Platform

At ClearSight, we aim to help companies streamline their business processes and ultimately decrease the cost of managing risk across their enterprise.

In risk management, so much precious time, people and resources are wasted with outdated tools, cumbersome processes and disconnected stakeholders across the risk ecosystem. Given the complexity of the that ecosystem with numerous stakeholders – brokers, carriers, third party administrators, claimants, attorneys etc. – and disparate data in a variety of formats, it’s no wonder efficiency suffers.

But when stakeholders in the risk ecosystem are connected with each other around their critical business issues with the data they need, they are not only more productive but more effective in their decision making. That is why we built the ClearSight platform.

The ClearSight platform brings together productivity apps with advanced collaboration tools to help organizations streamline their processes and improve communication among their key stakeholders. We believe by doing this we are providing organizations a clearer line of sight into their risks and helping them see the bigger picture across the risk ecosystem. Our new platform will be formally unveiled at our upcoming client conference happening October 26 in Disneyland.

In order to provide you with a sneak peek at some of the new productivity apps’ included in the ClearSight platform, check out the below:

Program Management:

  • Provides a singular view on a policy-by-policy basis so risk managers can design the optimal program
  • Provides on-demand knowledge and frees you from depending on outside stakeholders to get the information when and where you need it
  • Provides clear line of site to duplication, insurance gaps, and program performance
  • Eliminates time-consuming efforts to obtain and consolidate program information
  • Reduces total cost of risk (TCOR)

Policy Management:

  • Provides a global view into all of your policy information across broker and carrier relationships
  • Moves companies from a paper-based to a software-based policy management system to have information available when it’s needed
  • Allows users to search for specific information within a policy record
  • Delivers snapshot of your policies at any given time
  • Provides understanding of counterparty risk

Claims Management:

  • Simplifies and speeds cross carrier management
  • Validates claims data to improve data integrity
  • Provides on-the-fly data correction
  • Identifies claims trends to reduce risk exposure
  • Manages reserves and claim lifecycle to mitigate costs

Incident Management:

  • Streamlines collection and organization of incident/near miss data
  • Simplifies incident intake with intuitive entry forms and web-based access
  • Improves decision making through a single, integrated view of safety information from multiple sources
  • Speeds response time with real-time access to incident data and automatic alerts when they occur
  • Improves accuracy and eliminates duplicate entry through better data capture and tight integration with external data sources

Risk touches every business unit in a company, so it is important to have all your organizational risk insights updated real-time, in one place and connected with the right stakeholders. Building a risk management program on a productive platform that allows for dynamic insights is key to keep an organization running smoothly.

Join us at the Client Conference to see ClearSight live and learn more. Click here to learn more and register.