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An app that makes it easy to report every incident and claim accurately

Are you sure you have all the right information about your incidents and claims?

Plenty of things can stand in the way of incidents and claims getting correctly reported. Maybe the forms are confusing. Maybe employees are afraid of being blamed for what happened. Maybe critical details are missing simply because they were forgotten by the time the form was completed. Meantime, you’re stuck trying to get a handle on what’s happening with only part of the story.

Streamline the Intake Process

The Riskonnect Intake app captures complete and accurate information quickly with intuitive mobile forms, automatic alerts, real-time access to data, and instant data validation.

Incident Intake

  • Simplifies the intake process by using survey-style questionnaires that show only relevant questions.
  • Speeds up response time with real-time access to incidents as they happen.
  • Improves accuracy and eliminates duplicate entry through automatic data validation.
  • Encourages participation through anonymous reporting.
  • Offers numerous report templates with dynamic workflows.
  • Integrates with the Incident Management app to manage the complete incident lifecycle.

Claims Intake

  • Expedites claims intake with intuitive, web-based entry forms.
  • Automatically assigns an adjustor and alerts key stakeholders.
  • Tracks and monitors report status.
  • Automatically generates First Report of Injury reports.
  • Integrates with the Claims Management app for analysis and insight through final settlement.

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