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Riskonnect ClearSight Fall 2018 Release

The Riskonnect ClearSight Fall 2018 Release Riskonnect ClearSight New Release Adds 3 New Apps and Many Enhancements Riskonnect ClearSight Fall 2018 software release includes three new applications – Allocations, Asset Manager, and Audit – as well as...

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Nine Signs It’s Time to Reevaluate Your RMIS

Today’s RMIS offers analytics and insight at a level that was once unimaginable – and new ground continues to be broken. If you’re still using aging legacy technology, you might not realize what you’re missing. Here are nine signs that it’s time to reevaluate your...

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Do You Need a RMIS?

The pressure is on to manage evolving risk, anticipate what’s around the corner, and analyze the big-picture impact – all in less time with fewer resources. A new-generation Risk Management Information System could be just the ticket to deliver on those expectations....

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10 Steps to Buying a RMIS

Today’s RMIS offers an array of sophisticated applications to help you manage every aspect of risk. From claims administration to cost allocations, you can select the options that fit your needs today and add more as your priorities grow and change. While technology...

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How to Turn RMIS Naysayers into RMIS Cheerleaders

Decisions about buying something as big as a RMIS usually involve a lot of people, with a lot of opinions. Inevitably, there will be at least one skeptic in the bunch. But instead of avoiding potential critics, embrace their diversity in thought, and bring them along...

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How to Use a RMIS for Enterprise Risk Management

Risk managers know Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is important, but it often gets pushed to the back burner because, well, it isn’t exactly easy to quantify the potential impact of intangibles like weather events, cyberattacks, or a hit to your reputation. Yet these...

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