Innovation is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. But just because something is new, is it innovative?

We have always believed that true innovation is grounded in purpose. It has to solve real problems for real people. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past 50 years – and that’s what we’re going to continue doing as the new Riskonnect.

Purposeful innovation is, after all, part of ClearSight’s DNA, stretching all the way back to our Corporate Systems roots. More than five decades ago, founder and visionary Guyon Sanders was the first to use technology to help organizations prove to insurance carriers that they were a better risk than others in the industry – and therefore worthy of better rates. Organizations around the world continue to benefit from this purposeful innovation, now known as a RMIS.

Guyon’s legacy will live on in the new Riskonnect. Our next chapter of innovation will give clients:

New capabilities. The combined company will give all clients access to ClearSight’s popular claims administration software and other industry-leading RMIS technology. Clients also gain access to a whole new set of industry-leading integrated risk management capabilities like ERM and GRC.

New technology. The magic behind all those pioneering capabilities is technology – and what clients have today is just the beginning. Investment in new products, new releases, and new integration will keep us in the forefront of innovative solutions that help our clients constantly improve the way they understand, manage, and control risks.

New expertise. Deep industry experience has always been a hallmark of ClearSight – and it’s about to get broader. Clients will be able to tap into the knowledge of the largest network of experts in industries like healthcare and transportation as well as specialized experts in fields like compliance and ERM.

No matter what name is on our door, our purpose is to help our clients do their jobs easier, faster, and more effectively. That’s what has fueled our innovation in the past – and that’s what will fuel our innovation in the future. Stay tuned.