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Incident Management


Software to proactively manage the complete incident lifecycle

Is every incident getting reported accurately?

Even one safety incident can be devastating to finances, reputation, and lives. Yet incidents don’t always get reported because the process is too cumbersome or confusing. And making sense of the information you do get can be difficult if, for instance, each division uses a separate incident reporting system that captures different data than what you need.

Get More Insight into Your Incidents

The Riskonnect Incident Intake and Incident Management apps record incidents, near misses, and safety hazard data in one place to quickly get accurate information to those who can investigate, evaluate, and take action to prevent future risk.

Easy reporting means accurate reporting.

  • Records data right at the source, any time, on any device.
  • Captures data quickly and consistently with simplified templates, intuitive forms, and auto-filled fields.
  • Uses dynamic field logic to guide users through the reporting process.
  • Allows incidents to be added anonymously to encourage reporting.

Timely notification and response.

  • Sends alerts automatically to those who need to know what happened to expedite response time.
  • Attaches pictures, documents, and other information directly to the file.
  • Speeds up response time with real-time access to incident data.
  • Reports recordable cases directly to OSHA (OSHA 300, 301, and 300A).

Enhanced visibility for effective prevention.

  • Helps identify early warning signs and trends to mitigate future claims.
  • Shows incident metrics in real-time – by month, type of injury, body part, and more.
  • Tracks incidents that turn into claims and the resulting financial impact.
  • Benchmarks past performance against current results to determine if corrective and preventive actions were effective.

Ready to see how Riskonnect can seamlessly manage your risk, safety, and claims?