Data Services


Today many organizations are facing issues with their insurance data due to their lack of expertise and capabilities. And with high volumes of complex data from internal/external systems and inconsistent data formats, it is a challenge to get it under control. This is leading to sub optimal decisions, decreased productivity, inaccuracy, and costly penalties. With years of experience converting data to and from TPA systems, carrier systems, and regulatory agencies, Marsh ClearSight Data Transformation can help you overcome this and ensure your data is converted accurately and on time.


Marsh ClearSight Data Services helps organizations ensure their data is accurate, organized and efficiently transferred.

Marsh ClearSight Data Services helps you:

  • Convert and securely transmit large amounts of data due to new business partnerships, mergers, or changes to internal systems
  • Consolidate accurately report unit statistical, policy erosion, and medical data
  • Deliver clients immediate access to their data through Marsh ClearSight RMIS portal


  • Reduce IT costs by streamlining data transfer between business partners.
  • Improve data quality through automatic data validations
  • Reduce regulatory fines through proven unit statistical and medical data reporting solutions
  • Increase visibility of policy coverage under the aggregate limit with regular erosion calculations
  • Increase client retention and satisfaction by providing them with real time access to their data – RMIS portal



  • TPA Data Consolidation
  • NCCI Medical Data Reporting
  • State Medical Data Calls
  • Data Consulting
  • Policy Aggregation and Validation


  • OCD Conversion
  • TPA Takeover
  • Carrier Reporting
  • Portal System
  • Claims Administration
  • Data Consultation