Do you know how many of your fleet accidents are caused by a fatigued driver? Do you know how many collisions happened in a particular intersection? Or how many workers’ compensation claims are associated with lifting in the confined space of a trailer?

Vehicle collisions – and associated costs – are rising at alarming rates. Carriers are scrutinizing their fleet safety exposures, leaving companies with fewer options and higher premiums for insuring fleets. A RMIS can help bolster your safety program and lower costs by identifying fleet risks early enough for you to take action. Here’s how:

A RMIS can show how well drivers prepare for their trips by tracking:

  • Hours of sleep prior to the start of a shift
  • Pre- and post-trip inspection rates
  • Pre-trip stretching routines (to reduce muscle strain)
  • Compliance with DOT-regulated drug and alcohol testing
  • Fleet and maintenance by certified programs

A RMIS can be integrated with vendors that track driver-safety compliance to identify:

  • Drivers who follow too closely, brake hard, swerve, or speed
  • Repeat offenders who need additional training
  • Subrogation opportunities if another party was at fault

A RMIS can improve your response to workers’ compensation and auto liability claims by:

  • Consolidating all data into one source for a clear and consistent view
  • Getting injured drivers back to work quickly
  • Using root cause analysis to identify and address underlying safety issues
  • Sorting data by cause, source, shift start, time of accident, weather factors, and more to highlight trends

A RMIS can help you improve your safety program with advanced analytics that:

  • Identify trends so you can get ahead of problems before they escalate
  • Track data by claim frequency, severity, location, and driver
  • Uncover the real problem and appropriate action – e.g., lifting in the confined space of a trailer might be the issue, not driving itself
  • Pinpoint locations with the highest risk
  • Monitor the location of each vehicle in your fleet

A RMIS is what makes fleet data understandable and actionable. Your employees will be safer. Your fleet will be safer. Your costs will be lower. And you can keep on trucking – safely.

Written by Tracy Zimmerman Tracy Zimmerman is an Account Executive for the Consumer & Industrial Markets and Transportation clients at Marsh ClearSight. Prior to joining Marsh ClearSight, Tracy was the corporate risk manager for one of the country’s largest food distributors where she was responsible for casualty and property insurance renewals. She has been involved in risk management for many years and has earned the ARM designation.