The Marsh ClearSight Spring 2018 Release
Marsh ClearSight Upgrade Adds Data Privacy, Picture-Based Lookup and More

Marsh ClearSight’s Spring 2018 software release includes innovative new features for privacy, accessibility, and functionality for several popular applications.

Claims Administration – New Data Privacy Enhancements
The General Data Protection Regulation takes effect on May 25 in the EU. Three important enhancements have been made to the Marsh ClearSight Platform in support of the GDPR and our role as data processor:

  • Super delete. Claim and occurrence records, along with process transactions, can now be deleted from the system with one click.
  • Claims, incidents, occurrences, contacts, and child records can now easily be made anonymous without losing valuable historical data.
  • User-specific login agreement. You can define your own agreement (in addition to the standard Marsh ClearSight agreement) that users must accept to login successfully – and you can determine how often that agreement pops up.

Intake – New Mobile Capture and Lookup Features
The Intake app offers new features to make entry faster and more accurate:

  • Users can now click on a body-part diagram instead of keying in a code.
  • Barcodes can be scanned directly into the system.
  • An electronic signature can be stored on an intake record.
  • Users can select the nearest location instead of searching for it.

Physician Administration – New Underwriting Features
The Physician Administration app helps hospitals provide insurance to their physicians. The system now tracks:

  • Physician and practice information to provide insurance quotes
  • Policy information once the physician is insured
  • Endorsements or cancellation of physician insurance
  • Renewal processing one at a time or in a batch
  • Billing by generating invoices and entering physician payments

Certificates of Insurance – New Customization and Integration Features
The Certificates of Insurance app automates administration, streamlines workflows, and tracks compliance of COIs. New features include:

  • Customized contact details of insured vendor data is now stored on a certificate record.
  • Uploaded data from ACORD Property (24) and Liability (25) documents can auto-populate certificate fields.

 Please schedule a demo to see all of the new and enhanced features in Marsh ClearSight.