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Claims Management


The app that brings all your claims data together for easy analysis and insight

Tired of trying to manage claims that are all over the place?

Staying on top of claims with multiple carriers, TPAs, and systems can feel like a never-ending quest. Just collecting the data, reformatting it, and getting it ready to go can leave you little time for the important part – the analysis. And when that happens, there’s a good chance you’ll end up paying more for those claims than you need to.

Search, track, and collaborate around claims.

The Riskonnect Claims Management app consolidates claims data from all carriers and TPAs into a single location so you can easily track and analyze claims from initial submission through final settlement.


Simple consolidation.

  • Uses an easy spreadsheet upload or automatic data service to quickly consolidate claims data from any number of sources.
  • Seamlessly reformats data for effortless reporting.
  • Automatically validates data as it’s uploaded.

Easy viewing.

  • Quickly locates claims based on predefined filters, such as coverage, carrier, TPA, cause, state/province, loss date, create date, and claim status.
  • Tracks historical reserve and payment changes.
  • Shows payment and reserve history, adjustor notes, and current claim status.
  • Groups claims by similar claims, adjustor assigned date, accident site, and more.

Better insights delivered.

  • Compares like claims based on cause, nature of injury, coverage, and loss date for better understanding of the potential outcome.
  • Provides extraordinary insight into the entire claims lifecycle using embedded analytics.
  • Quickly identifies claims trends and flags potential high-severity claims using a claims-severity scoring tool to reduce costs and mitigate risks.

The Complete Guide to RMIS

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