We are Riskonnect

The trusted global leader in integrated risk management technology.




Customer Focused

ClearSight is now part of Riskonnect’s growing suite of integrated risk management technology solutions. The combined organization joins ClearSight’s deep industry experience, long history, and global scale with Riskonnect’s strong integrated risk management capabilities. The new Riskonnect helps you holistically understand, manage, and control risks like never before.

Simple to Use – Powerful Results

The secure, easy-to-use Riskonnect ClearSight platform tackles risk management challenges with better data, faster analytics, and smarter insights. And now it’s even more powerful with access to Riskonnect’s integrated risk management capabilities – including GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) and ERM (Enterprise Risk Management).


One truth.

People, systems, and data from multiple sources are seamlessly integrated for the clearest view of your risks.


Streamlined workflows.

Routine processes are automated so you get best-practices consistency and efficiency – plus built-in flexibility to conform to the way you work.


Simplicity defined.

Our software is quick to learn and easy to use – and it’s available whenever and wherever you need.


Actionable insights.

Our reporting and analytics turn complicated data into easily actionable insights.


Flexible design.

Our platform is modular so you can choose the apps that fit your needs today – and add more as your priorities grow and change.



Our platform uses a proprietary cloud, which is dedicated to a single organization and is shared solely among authorized users.

Experience to Succeed


Riskonnect ClearSight has unrivaled industry and technical knowledge. Our talented professionals deliver innovative, world-class solutions that maximize your investment in technology and positively affect shareholder value. We have a growing suite of solutions to help you holistically understand, manage, and control all risks enterprise-wide. This integration of technical and intellectual expertise offers an unbeatable strategic advantage for our clients.